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A gray and white cat lying on a white blanket.

How to Interpret Your Cat’s Behavior: A Taste of the Wild Guide

June 13, 2023

Cat behavior is a subject that most cat parents wish they understood a little better. Or a lot better! Why does your cat insist on knocking everything off the counters? Why does every other cuddle session turn into a bitey session? Why do they feel the need to knead? Heck, are we even sure we …

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A cat with its head tilted looking curious.

Answering Your Cat’s Life Questions

January 11, 2024

National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day is coming up soon. Are you prepared for your cat asking questions that you may not have the answers for? Did you even know that cat questions were a thing? Well, now you do. Luckily, we’re prepared to help you celebrate National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day by peering …

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A cat sitting on the floor next to an empty food bowl looking up.

What Human Foods Can Cats Eat?

March 14, 2024

Dogs are renowned beggars of human food — it’s part of the reason we have a whole series dedicated to “Can My Dog Eat That?” But dogs aren’t the only ones who will beg for a tidbit of human food. Cats can be equally good at sad eyes and pitiful cries saying, “Pwease, can I …

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A black, white and brown cat sitting in a white room surrounded by confetti and balloons.

Surprise Things You Can Do to Make Your Cat Happy

September 14, 2023

Happy Cat Month, pet owners! Yes, you read that right. September marks the annual Happy Cat Month created by CATalyst Council. This celebratory month was established to spread education about the health, happiness and importance of companion cats. So, keeping this in mind, what ways can you surprise your cat and bring them some extra …

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A woman holding a cat up to her face.

How Socially Intelligent Is Your Cat?

October 24, 2019

Rightly or wrongly, cats have earned a reputation for being independent and aloof. But does your cat actually pick up on your social cues, and then simply play hard to get? Researchers at the Oregon State University Human-Animal Interaction Laboratory are currently examining cat social skills, or how cats relate to us as human beings. …

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Two hands wearing yellow rubber gloves holding a spray bottle and a rag over white carpet.

How to Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell

February 8, 2024

It’s an eye-watering smell that’s instantly recognizable — cat pee. Litter typically does a great job at deodorizing cat pee, so when you smell it in your house, you know something’s not right. And so the hunt for the source of the stench begins. Behind the couch? The laundry basket? Under the bed — or …

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Two Cats Resting Separately on an Orange Blanket | Taste of the Wild Pet Food

Inter-Cat Aggression: When Cats in a Multi-Cat Home Don’t Get Along

March 28, 2019

Maybe you adopted a new cat to give your current cat a playmate. Or you brought home a kitten to encourage your two older cats to exercise more. But now they won’t have anything to do with each other. In other cases, cats in your multi-cat home may break into “cliques,” essentially ostracizing — or …

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A gray cat peeking out of the top of a box.

The Great Indoors: Enriching the Environment for Indoor Cats

August 11, 2016

Cats have a reputation for being independent, low-maintenance pets — so much so that it’s often said everyone needs “a dog to adore you and a cat to ignore you.” But as it turns out, they’re not as self-sufficient as you may think, especially when it comes to living indoors. QUIET LIVES OF DESPERATION You …

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Kitten Stepping Out of a Litter Box | Taste of the Wild

Top 8 Litter Box Training Issues & What to Do About Them

March 24, 2016

Many cats experience a litter box issue at some point in their lives. Finding the root cause is the key to helping your kitty love the litter box again. Here are a few of the most commonly found litter box training issues and what you can do to alleviate them. Ew, I Can’t Go In …

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British Shorthair Cat Near Bowl with Food at Home | Taste of the Wild Pet Food

Finicky Cats: Appeasing the Fussy Feline Palate

July 25, 2019

Is your cat hard to please at the food bowl? Does your feline sniff at food with disinterest, then turn his or her nose in the air and walk away? Do you grovel every night, offering up various delicacies in hopes of finally pleasing your cat’s discriminating taste buds? You, my friend, have a finicky …

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